plant-powered formulas

Wellness retreats and daily yoga sounds great, but sometimes the universe has other plans for us. From Zoom meetings to birthday parties to life’s inevitable curveballs, for many of us, wellness often ends up taking a back seat. At Botanico, we believe that even those battling a never ending to do list in the concrete jungle deserve a little peace. So, we created a range of carefully curated, plant-powered formulas to help even the busiest of minds discover a wellness routine that helps cultivate balance and well-being everyday. 

enhance your day

Whether you’re looking to kick things up, slow things down or find some balance, we have a carefully curated formula for all of life‘s moments. Our products were created using insights from new research on how cannabis-derived compounds interact with the human endocannabinoid system. These insights have helped uncover even more  potential for cannabis products to enhance your day.

There’s something for everyone

Whether it’s the uplifting, mood boosting power of our 02 formula or the relaxing vibe created by our 06 formula, there’s something for everyone. We know reintroducing terpenes is a critical step towards creating the best product experience possible so we take it seriously. We work with a leading terpene research lab and use uniquely formulated terpene profiles in our products that promote targeted therapeutic benefits.

For daily inspiration. Designed to bring a lighter mood, peace of mind, and resilience.

For those in need of a cool down. Like meditation, just in a bottle.

For relaxation and rest. So you won’t need to count sheep before bed.


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