Formulated with the highest grade broad-spectrum cannabis (Sativa L. Hemp) extract, infused with custom blends of naturally-derived terpenes, and mixed with refined coconut MCT oil. 

Certified Hemp Extract

Our broad-spectrum hemp extraction process preserves non-intoxicating cannabinoids while removing THC.* This means you can experience all the wellness benefits of CBD without the intoxicating effect. 

*THC and/or THCa levels were not detected during the testing procedures of this product. All of our products are fully batch tested by an accredited lab and results are available on all individual product packaging.


Additionally, custom terpene profiles are introduced into our oils so you can experience all of what cannabis  has to offer. Our partners use a sophisticated algorithm to analyze the medicinal qualities and phytochemical composition of different medical cannabis strains. Using this data, we use terpene formulas that are specifically curated to create a unique response in the body.

Quality Assurance

All products sold by Botanico are tested internally and independently by third parties for potency purity, and consistency of all quality control measures. All cannabinoid-rich products we offer are made with the highest grade extract derived from 100% legal industrial hemp. The certified hemp used for extraction is grown with no synthetic pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals, or mold.

Made in EU
EU GMP Certified
ISO Certified