Welcome to Botanico!

We are a plant-based wellness company created to give people the best of what cannabis has to offer.  We source our ingredients from certified producers and partner with top tier labs who use the most advanced technology and research to formulate Botanico products. We believe the world needs more cannabis and we’re here to deliver. 

Plant-Based Wellness Meets Modern Research

At Botanico, we are big believers in the power of plants. Since prehistoric times, the cannabis plant has been used for its incredible healing properties. When this ancient wisdom is combined with today’s modern technology and advanced understanding of this plant’s structure, we believe the possibilities are endless. And, that’s exactly what we’ve done with our Botanico formulas.


We believe that the stereotypes and stigma associated with cannabis are outdated and archaic. We are passionate about dismantling them through education on the powerful wellness potential of this plant. It’s time to shift the conversation around cannabis from fiction to facts.


The Botanico team has put our heart & soul into creating the perfect line-up of products for you. We’ve tested formula after formula and we don’t sell you anything until we’ve produced something that we ourselves love and use everyday.

We want you to feel confident about the safety and quality of products you purchase from us. All of our products are produced using CO2 supercritical extraction and processed under ISO and EU GMP standards and in full accordance with kosher values.