01 - CBDA OIL 600

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Created with a RAW form of hemp extract which has a low concentration of non-intoxicating cannabinoids and infused with 20 different botanical terpenes, it is perfect for focus and clear-thinking.

Formulated with the highest grade RAW broad-spectrum hemp extract it has 600mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabidiolic-acid (CBDA) combined. Also, trace amounts of Cannabigerol (CBG).

The infused custom terpene profile, rich in Limonene and Beta-Caryophyllene, gives this formula a completely unique aroma profile. Limonene, an abundant terpene in cannabis, is also found in the peels of citrus fruits. It is also one of the most well-studied cannabis terpenes. Limonene has anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and antibacterial qualities as well as a variety of other possible effects on the immune system.

*The extraction method used preserves non-intoxicating cannabinoids while removing THC below the limit of detection (0.0%). Cannabinoid and terpene compounds are dissolved in MCT oil to increase the bioavailability of the product. Thus, allowing a larger concentration of ingredients to be absorbed by the body. As an added bonus, MCT oils are a great energy source and may help boost immunity.
  • 600 mg of CBD, CBDA combined per 30ml bottle
  • 20 mg of CBD, CBDA combined per 1ml of oil.
  • Infused with Broad-Spectrum Hemp extract
  • This product contains no THC (non-detectable)
  • Dominant terpenes: Limonene (32.3%), Beta-Caryophyllene (17.45%), Linalool (17.1%), Others (33.15%)
  • Mixed with MCT oil.
  • Spectrum: Broad Spectrum, THC free
  • Terpenes: Custom Blend Profile
  • Carrier: MCT

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